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At Links Medical Associates, our ultimate goal is to provide our physicians with as many quality job opportunities as possible. The key to our success is our extensive network, vast database and our open communication. Such communications conveys our diligence and commitment to provide unparalleled quality of service. Our physician recruiters offer a consultative approach to physicians by providing information that is necessary for you to make a decision.

Our physician’s services include:

  • Comprehensive resume assistance if needed
  • Consultation on current trend in physician supply and demand market in a particular Geographical location/market or specialty
  • Review of current employment incentive packages and compensation structures
  • Provision and review of interview travelling itinerary
  • Contract negotiation assistance
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  • Assistance in securing spouse’s employment if within healthcare industry and it is needed
  • Post-employment follow-up to address concerns and ensure a smooth transition to a new practice and possibly a new city.
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